Councillors set to transfer £160k station to the community

Aberlour Station – community transfer.

A former railway station with a market value estimated at £160,000 is to be handed over to a local community association along with an annual grant to maintain its public toilet facility.

The disused station at Aberlour will be the subject of a Community Asset Transfer (CAT) being considered by councillors at a meeting of the Policy and Resources Committee on Tuesday.

A report being presented to the committee recommends that councillors approve the transfer of ownership to the Aberlour Community Association – on the provision that the Association enter into an agreement regarding the ongoing provision of a public toilet service.

If agreed that would see the Association receiving an annual grant of £3000 for the provision of the year-round toilet facility at the former station.

The Association already lease the tearoom and visitor centre located in the station with the annual rental totalling over £10,000 being covered by a 100% Moray Council grant.

Councillors will learn that the Community Association provided their business case for the operation of the station to be run as a Speyside Visitor Centre, with the aim of expanding the scope of the wider Speyside area and promote businesses, facilities and events in the region.

The report added: “The Business Case submission demonstrates that the proposed transfer would contribute to economic development within Moray and that a transfer at nil consideration is both reasonable and necessary for the project to be financially viable.

“Therefore, the CAT Steering Group is satisfied that the proposed transfer at nil consideration meets the requirements of the Disposal of Land by Local Authorities (Scotland) Regulations 2010.”

In the report it is revealed that the market value of the old station is currently not more than 10% higher than its original estimated value.

However, it adds that if the value of the property was to move above 10% as determined by the Estates Manager then the CAT steering group would be required to provide a further report so that Councillors might reconsider the decision.

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