Election: Labour attempt to prove SNP will back Tory policies

One of the contenders for the Moray seat in the UK General Election is insisting that a new analysis of voting practices demonstrate that the SNP is more likely to back the Tories than any other Westminster party.

Fochabers/Lhanbryde councillor Sean Morton is highlighting analysis of statistics from the independent House of Commons Library that appear to show the Scottish National Party had voted with the Conservatives almost seven out of 10 times during the last Labour government.

According to Councillor Morton that demonstrates that the only way to “kick out this heartless Tory Government” would be to vote Scottish Labour in May.

“In just 45 days, people across Scotland have the opportunity to kick out this heartless Tory Government,” Councillor Morton said, adding: “They have caused misery for people the length and breadth of the country and their plans for the next Parliament involve cuts that are far deeper than anything we have seen in the last five years. The only way to guarantee that we get rid of them is by voting Scottish Labour.

“This analysis by the independent House of Commons Library confirms that the SNP voted against the last Labour Government more than they voted with us.

“That includes Labour budgets that delivered record investment in public services and delivered tax credits to hundreds of thousands of people across Scotland.

“Last week Nicola Sturgeon told people in England and Wales to vote for any party but Labour.  Then Alex Salmond said he was against our flagship progressive policies – making the bankers pay their fair share and bringing back the 50p tax rate for those with the deepest pockets.

“The evidence is clear – the SNP will not back Labour’s fairer plan for the country. The only way to get rid of the Tories and get the change we need is by voting Labour.”

Also contesting the Moray seat in May is Scottish Conservative candidate Douglas Ross, Green Party candidate James MacKessack-Leitch and the SNP’s Angus Robertson.

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