Election: Robertson lays claim to hardest-working Scots MP

Defence questions high on the Robertson agenda

Official statistics are being used to demonstrate that the SNP’s Angus Robertson is one of the most hard-working MP’s at Westminster.

By the time the Parliament closed last week ahead of May’s general election, Robertson was at the top of a list of Scottish MP’s in terms of written Parliamentary Questions posed to the Government in the last five years.

Mr Robertson was also ranked in 10th place from all 659 MPs in the House of Commons.

The Moray MP was the SNP’s Westminster leader and spokesman on defence issues – and it was defence that was high on his agenda throughout the Parliament as the two Moray bases at Kinloss and Lossiemouth faced closure.

At the same time Moray-based the programme for replacement Nimrod maritime aircraft was scrapped, while the MP maintained constant pressure on defence ministers over the fitting of collision detection systems for Lossiemouth-based fighter jets.

In all he submitted 1813 written questions – well over twice those posed by Shadow Cabinet MPs such as Douglas Alexander and Margaret Curran.

Mr Robertson said: “Scrutinising the UK Government and standing up for the interests of their constituents is the most important task for an MP. Westminster is still where key powers affecting both Moray and Scotland lie.

“There have been many issues profoundly impacting people in Moray, including austerity cuts and the threat to the bases at Lossiemouth and Kinloss.

“I am proud to see that 6 SNP MPs have an average of 80% more questions per Member than the 40 Scottish Labour Party Members. We are working hard to defend the rights of Scotland and those of our constituents.”

The Moray seat at the May election is also being contested by Scottish Conservative Douglas Ross, Scottish Labour’s Sean Morton and the Greens candidate James Mackessack-Leitch.

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