‘Future Fund’ plan would be major boost for Moray 18 and 19-year-olds

Sean Morton

Plans to create a ‘future fund’ for every 18 and 19 year old in Moray are being highlighted by Labour’s candidate in the forthcoming UK General Election.

Sean Morton is haling a plan revealed by Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy that would see a future Labour government allocating an average of £1600 to each young person regardless of the education direction they take.

The Future Fund would invest the cash for every young person who attends university, college or take up a modern apprenticeship.

Announcing the plan Mr Murphy said: “Parents worry that their kids won’t have the chances they had when they were growing up – that the next generation’s horizons have become more narrow, more limited.

“Young Scots in Higher Education get an average of £1600 spent on their fees

“But what of those thousands who don’t go to university, or who don’t get an investment through a place at college or an apprenticeship? They shouldn’t get left behind, they deserve the same support to fulfil their potential.”

Insisting that the fund would become a powerful incentive for employer to take on young people, Sean Morton said: “This fund is an incredible opportunity for the young people of Moray.

“For too long our young people who are not in education or training have been ignored by governments in Westminster and Holyrood.

“This investment will let young people set their own path in life, giving them the money they need to invest in their future and become masters of their own destiny.

“Scottish Labour are the only party committed to helping Scotland’s young people make the most of their potential.”

Also contesting the May election in Moray is the sitting MP Angus Robertson (SNP), Conservative councillor Douglas Ross, and Green candidate James Mackessack-Leitch.

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