Moray community urges townsfolk to put their trust in them

Residents in a Moray town are being offered an opportunity to learn for themselves plans a community group has to transform their local environment.

The Lossiemouth Community Development Trust (LCDT) was formed last year, drawing on the enthusiasm, skills and knowledge of a wide range of community groups in the town.

From an idea born in the town’s Community Council two years ago, several meetings were held in the Town Hall seeking the views of clubs, community groups and organisations.

That led to the formal creation of a limited company with the power to attract funding to the town with a view to improving a wide range of activities.

Now a coffee morning in the Lossiemouth Town Hall tomorrow is offering people an opportunity to chat with LCDT board members and associated community groups, learning what the Trust has planned for Lossiemouth and feeding in their own views of what needs to be done.

Chair of the LCDT, Donna Milne, said: “A great deal of hard work has gone into the creation of the Trust with views canvassed from dozens of individual groups who wish to work together and bring real improvements.

“We have a sub-committee structure that feeds into the main board and through this ideas can be brought to fruition. Our initial plans for the town have been brought together in a Lossiemouth Development Plan which will soon be distributed to every home in Lossiemouth.

“Advance copies of that will be available at the Town Hall on Saturday, when we will be happy to discuss with people what our plans are – and they will in turn have the opportunity to let us know what they think we should be doing for Lossiemouth.

“We have seen in many other communities throughout Scotland just how successful a Trust such as ours can be, how it can fire up a community to improve their own environment.

“Everyone who lives in Lossiemouth will have an opportunity to join us in this journey as membership of the Trust will be open to all.”

The Coffee Morning is being held at Lossiemouth Town Hall from 10am until 12noon tomorrow (Saturday).

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