Moray village will take Irish firm to court unless they pay up

Truck of the type that caused chaos in Kingston

A Moray community are still waiting to be compensated for a trail of wreckage brought to their village by a confused truck driver.

Around £3000 worth of damage was caused in Garmouth in October last year when a truck operated by Irish firm McIlvanna Transport was unable to navigate through a series of narrow twists and turns.

The Lithuanian driver admitted later that that he had not noted signs warning that the corners were unsuitable for HGV’s – and smashed into several walls and fences – including the village war memorial just weeks before Remembrance Sunday.

At the time of the accident the transport firm made a public statement admitting liability and promising to cover the costs – around £3000 – of damage. On that basis the Garmouth Amenities Association decided to pay for restoration of the memorial to ensure it was ready for Remembrance services.

However, four months later the South Tyrone based firm are yet to pay up – leaving community leaders to wonder if the only way they can recover the costs will be through costly legal action.

Association Secretary, Dave Mackay, told the P&J: “Even though I have contacted them about it and sent a bill we still have not had a response.

“There are local tradesmen who need paid for the work and if we don’t hear anything by next week then I will be taking legal action.”

When the truck struck at the village as well as the memorial railings and paving it hit two road signs, destroyed three wheelie bins, left a garden wall shattered and broke a gate.

Fochabers/Lhanbryde councillor Douglas Ross said: “It is very disappointing that a large company who accepted responsibility for the accident and offered to pay for the repairs now seem to be entering into dialogue with the Amenities Association.

“The firm will be viewed very dimly by people locally and further afield if they do not remedy this.”

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