Groups urged to use Lossiemouth’s community booking system

Librarian Jane Thomas and Mike Mulholland

Community organisations in a Moray town are being urged to “use or lose” a system that ensures they are not arranging competing events on the same dates and times this summer.

A study by the Lossiemouth Community Council last year discovered that attendance at several events in the town were being limited because there was little or no coordination over arrangements.

To help ensure that community groups gain the maximum possible attendance at their events the community council launched a new diary system run via the local library. That allowed any organisation to ‘book’ specific dates and times while checking that other similar events were not already taking place.

Now the Chairman of the Lossiemouth Community Council, Mike Mulholland, is reminding people that the diary system is still in operation – but it had to be used or it would likely be withdrawn.

Mr Mulholland said: “We launched the diary system in April last year and through the summer it worked very well, several local groups and organisations used it to very good effect and for the most part avoided any clashes.

“That allowed events to be more evenly spread throughout the summer and so increased the likelihood that at any given time there would be something to see or do in the town.

“However, we have noticed several events already arranged this month that are clashing and have not been entered into the diary.

“So we would certainly urge groups and organisations in the town to take note of this as we are sure they will agree it will be more beneficial to all if the diary system is used by as many of them as possible.”

The events diary can be checked and updated in the Lossiemouth Library.

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