New charter spells out council approach to dealing with customers

New charter for Council customer services

The standards that the public can expect from Moray Council are being laid out in a new ‘customer charter’.

How the local authority will meet a set standard of customer service has been laid out in the new charter which was agreed by councillors on Wednesday.

Senior officers have been working with elected members for months after recommendations of a more ‘strategic approach’ were made following a Best Value audit of council services.

Now the adopted charter dictates that customer feedback will be used to influence how services are delivered by Moray Council – and pledges that they will be improved and redesigned where needed.

Council Convener Allan Wright said: “This is the first time we’ve spelled out the approach we will take to putting our customers at the heart of our services, and I believe it will benefit staff and the public.

“One of the most important elements is feedback from our customers, and what is done with that to improve or change services. This customer charter also fits very well with the recent community empowerment and participatory budgeting legislation.

“I look forward to seeing the effects of this new approach in satisfaction levels of those we are here to serve.”

The new charter will lay out customer rights and what officers and staff will do either in person, on the phone or online to assist the public.

It promises a prompt response to enquiries – but also features what would be needed from customers in return, such as keeping appointments, providing feedback and treating council staff with respect.