Village residents set to take action against ‘irresponsible’ dog owners

Hopeman – campaign

Residents in a Moray village are set to gather this weekend for a clean-up operation aimed not only at removing litter and dog mess but to highlight their determination to win the fight against the antisocial behaviour of some dog owners.

The Hopeman Community Association are behind the ‘Big Spring Clean’ on Saturday and are appealing to residents and local clubs or groups to join them.

A working group has already been formed with the aim of highlighting the issue in the village, working in partnership with like-minded groups and the local Community Warden.

Speaking on behalf of the community association Dennis Slater said: “Hopeman residents have again expressed concerns about the increase in dog fouling and litter on the streets throughout the village and beach area.

“The way forward in addressing this problem is for residents and the Community Association to work together in partnership with the Community Warden to identify and report offenders.

“Additionally, a small working group formed with the help of some like-minded residents has organised a ‘Spring Clean Hopeman’ day on Saturday 18 April.

“Hopeman is a village envied by many – we have an unrivalled community spirit, together with some of the most beautiful coastline in Moray. The majority of dog walkers are responsible and clear up after their dog, some often clear up after others too.

“It’s the small minority who don’t clear up that are causing the problem. We will also engage with visitors who come to Hopeman to walk their dogs as it’s not just resident dog walkers who don’t clear up.

“We greatly appreciate input from Tim Betts, our Community Warden, who has provided valuable guidance, support and advice throughout campaign. We hope as many people as possible are able to come along on Saturday from 0945 to help out and keep Hopeman beautiful!”

People and groups interested in supporting the effort are being asked to meet up at the Sports Pavilion in the village at 10am on Saturday, with equipment being provided to help with the clean up operation.

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