Baltic Typhoons keeping a close check on Russian Coot

Typhoons from Lossiemouth are currently deployed in Estonia.
Typhoons from Lossiemouth are currently deployed in Estonia.

RAF TYPHOON JETS on detachment from Lossiemouth were deployed to intercept and escort a Russian aircraft during a Baltic air policing mission on Tuesday.

The Ministry of Defence revealed that two of the four aircraft from 6(F) Squadron deployed to Estonia last week were called into action when a IL-20 Coot aircraft was detected.

It is understood the Russian military aircraft was monitoring a NATO exercise currently taking place in Estonia involving 13,000 regular and reserve troops from the host nation, the United States, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Holland and Latvia.

The Moray Typhoons were deployed on May 1 to Amari airbase and will be operating as part of NATO’s Baltic policing mission until August.

Confirming the interception at around lunchtime on Tuesday the Secretary of State for Defence, Michael Fallon, said: “Air interceptions like this underline the vital importance of the UK’s contribution to the Baltic Air Policing mission.

“The UK’s role in the protection of NATO airspace and the involvement of our personnel in the Estonian exercise currently taking place demonstrate our commitment to NATO’s collective defence and the value of our Armed Forces’ expertise in improving the military capabilities of our allies.”