Council accused of ‘spending for the sake of it’ in Buckie

Petition over plans to improve road safety on Buckie High Street

Plans to create a new set of traffic lights and a pedestrian crossing on one of Buckie’s busiest junctions has met with local opposition.

A petition opposing the idea that the road safety measures be put in place on the town’s High Street at the Well Road junction has received support from over 360 residents.

Moray Council held local consultations over the plan as they sought to improve road safety in the town – but some residents are insisting that there is no requirement for additional lights or a crossing, claiming that the local authority are simply “intent on spending money for the sake of it”.

The online petition calling for a halt to the plans was set up by local resident Vivien Rumbles and says: “You are providing a solution for a problem that does not exist, and in turn will cause more problems for our town than helping by installing these traffic lights.

“This is Moray Council spending money for the sake of spending it. I would not usually start a petition unless it is necessary – Buckie in no way will benefit from these traffic lights on High Street, and unless we do something about it Moray Council will do as they please.”

Another resident, Christine Duncan, added: “Buckie doesn’t need traffic lights cars would take to other streets to avoid them.

“Midmar Street is a nightmare when the High School is out at 3.45 with cars and buses entering or leaving the street, it will be utter chaos if the square gets lights.”

One of the three local councillors to whom the petition has been addressed, Gordon MacDonald, insists that the plans are at an early stage and the results of a public consultation would be taken into account before any decision is taken.

He said: “There was a display in Buckie Library outlining these proposals and seeking views. The consultation period has only just ended and findings from that will be collated and handed to councillors who will then vote on whether to approve the development or not.

“The argument is that an increased number of traffic lights along High Street would help road safety – but for now the lights, which are part of a package of town centre developments, have not been approved.”