Letters: England’s Lucky Escape

Letters to the Editor
Comment on the General Election result from Forres reader Finlay MacKintosh….

Dear Editor

“The dust is now clearing and as we stand back and look at the disastrous result the majority of people in Scotland will be appalled.

“How the working people of Scotland can be out-voted by a combination of the very wealthy that don’t have to earn a living and the other side of the coin those on benefits i.e. the “demography of the SNP support” amazes me.

“England has escaped the torturous times of a Labour/SNP coalition and will grow in prosperity whilst the SNP party will now consider themselves the cock of the North and will concentrate so much on another referendum that Scotland will grind to a standstill.

“Disenfranchised labour and Lib/Dem party supporters who transferred there allegiance to the SNP will quickly realize there mistake. What can we the majority do, politically it appears very little as the SNP do not recognise democracy.

“In some parts of the world they would start demonstrating in the street, which always leads to violence. Eventually the country suffers economically; this causes businesses big and small to agitate for a political solution. We are a so called civilised country and see no need to resort to violence.

“I would suggest that as the majority we can affect the economical welfare of people who do not support the union. Pressure on their bottom line has an excellent way of clearing a befuddled head.”

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