Local demand for more employment powers to be passed to Scotland

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LONG TERM EMPLOYMENT in Moray is showing “steady progress” with the number of people in employment significantly higher than the national average.

Moray’s MP has been pointing to the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics – highlighting that the percentage of people registered unemployed is now below 2% – with the unemployment rate showing at 5%, well below the Scottish and UK rates of 6.2%.

Angus Robertson MP insists that this is “positive progress” despite, he claims, the Scottish Government having one hand tied behind its back on job creation policies. The MP insists that full employment powers should be placed in Scotland’s hands “to allow action to create even more and better jobs”.

Commenting on figures that also show youth unemployment had fallen by 16,000 over the last year, he said: “These are very welcome figures for both Moray and Scotland and are testament to the Scottish Government’s stewardship of the economic powers currently at our disposal to boost the economy and create more and better jobs. This is in spite of the Tory’s austerity agenda.

“Any boost in employment numbers is of course very welcome – but the fact that full time employment in Scotland has now recovered to beyond the pre-recession level is excellent news. Economic Development and Job Creation is a top priority of the SNP and these new figures show that we are making excellent progress.

“While these figures are very positive, we know that there is always more to be done and there is real concern that even more austerity under the new Tory government will stifle the pace of progress on jobs by reducing the funding available to invest in economic development initiatives.

“That’s exactly why key employment powers should be in Scotland’s hands rather than Westminster’s – to allow us to take more action to invest in creating more and better jobs, grow the economy and allow us to build a more prosperous and fairer country.”