Lucky Buckie ‘lottery town’ with second EuroMillions winner

Helen Sherman & Barry Howie – lottery win (Facebook)

FOR THE SECOND time in a month a Buckie offshore worker has picked up a major national lottery win.

Hot on the heels of the £1million cheque handed over to 29-year-old Michael Innes last month offshore worker Barry Howie, 34, is celebrating a near £379,000 win in the EuroMillions draw.

Father of two Mr Howie only starting playing EuroMillions online six months ago as his job meant it was difficult to purchase tickets – the same method used by Mr Innes in winning his jackpot.

After receiving his cheque for £378,884.40 at the Mansion House Hotel in Elgin, Mr Howie said that he had no idea he had won until he checked his email on his phone while working offshore on Saturday morning.

He handed the phone to a work mate for him to check that he was not mistaken – and received the response “you jammy so and so, you’ve won!” Mr Howie said: “That was when my boss stepped in and sent me home – because he knew my mind would not be on the job.

“My dad picked me up and drove me home to surprise my girlfriend Hannah. She could not believe it when I told her – this could not have come at a better time for us.”

Mr Howie and his girlfriend now plan to pay off their mortgage with a family holiday also high on their agenda. He added: “My eldest daughter just wants to go to the beach – so we’ll make sure that happens as soon as possible.”

A visit to a car showroom is also after his good fortune of matching five numbers and one Lucky Star with a “lucky dip” ticket.