Mum sparks viral information alert on ‘Free’ kids medicine

Free Calpol?
A LITTLE PUBLICISED service that would help parents save on regular charges for minor medicines for their children has gone viral on social media.

Moray parents are amongst those throughout the UK who are being alerted to the existence of the ‘Minor Ailment Service’ for people who do not pay prescription charges.

When the scheme was introduced in 2006 the majority of people in Scotland had to pay for their prescriptions – however, all prescription charges were abolished by the Scottish Government in 2011.

However, the minor ailment service also remains in place – as discovered by a parent in Stornoway when she complained to staff at her local Boots store about the cost of Calpol, a common pain relief treatment for children.

Christine Davidson was told that if she registered with the pharmacy she would not have to pay anything. She explained: “I was told to my amazement that if you register your details with them under the minor ailments scheme, all medicines for children are free.”

Christine was so stunned she mentioned the exchange on her Facebook account – and as a result her post was shared well over 102,000 times. Christine said: “They are not allowed to advertise it – but you can save a small fortune on Calpol, Piriton, Sudocrem, Plasters etc. – I just wish I had known eight years ago!”

The scheme is widely available and was introduced to reduce pressure on GP surgeries and hospital casualty units by encouraging people with minor problems to consult a pharmacist instead.