Smartly dressed taxi drivers hit the road to Moray

Irvine Welsh Taxi
Author Irvine Welsh entered the Moray taxi driver debate

A SERIES OF STRICT guidelines for the way taxi drivers in Moray must turn out for work is to be discussed by councillors this week.

An idea first brought forward last year will, if agreed by members of the licensing committee on Wednesday, see taxi drivers in Moray having to leave their jogging trousers, jeans, T-shirts and football tops at home.

The new dress code imposed would require dark shoes, smart trousers and shirts – although ties will not be required “for safety reasons”.

It is a plan that was devised from discussions between licensing department officials and the Moray Taxi Trade Association after concerns were expressed that drivers in Moray needed to “smarten up”.

The dress code will be imposed as part of taxi licensing in the region with taxi operators being told that this will be included in licence conditions along with a knowledge test and a points-based system for vehicle testing.

Taxi operators are relaxed about the new rules with Elgin’s C&R company saying that they had already put in place their own dress code, determined that tourists should have a good first impression of Moray.

However, not all visitors are in agreement with internationally renowned author Irvine Welsh speaking out against the move. The ‘Trainspotting’ author said: “I think this plan is an outrage – taxi drivers should be relaxed when driving.

“It is better for public safety – thus leisure wear is a more practical form of dress.” The author has sent direct social media messages to Moray Council expressing his displeasure.

Welsh’s latest work is “A Decent Ride” – the story of a sex-obsessed taxi driver who finds himself driving a multi-millionaire around Scotland in search of a site to build a new golf course.