Tablet App that ensures the perfect fit for Moray specs

Digital Precision eyecare
A CUTTING EDGE development in fitting spectacles will see customers at a leading opticians having their faces ‘measured’ by a tablet computer.

Customers visiting Specsavers in Elgin’s High Street are amongst the first in the country to be offered a ‘Digital Precision Eyecare’ service, which the company says ensures that they will receive the best professional care and advice in frame selection.

Director of the Elgin branch of the national opticians, Alison MacPherson, explained: “This is very clever kit and has a real wow factor for customers. It’s a quick and easy process which ensures a perfect fit every time.”

Anyone wearing specs will know that following their normal eye examination staff assist customers in selecting their glasses – this has in the past entailed trying on various styles and fits.

However, technology has not been brought into play even in that simple area – through imaging software on a tablet is then used to take an image of them wearing the glasses, which in turn captures a range of essential and customer-unique dispensing measurements.

Alison said: “The tablet can also be used to show the customer what they look like wearing a range of different glasses to help them make their choice.

“The intelligent software also helps you choose any lens options you might want, by demonstrating what they do in real time.

‘Digital Precision Eyecare is all about providing a highly professional service in as convenient a way as possible for our customers. All our staff are fully qualified and trained in using this new equipment, and their expertise remain a pivotal part of the service.

“So far the feedback we have received from customers has been very positive. Put simply, everyone that wants glasses can be confident in being provided with a pair that looks fantastic and fits perfectly.”