Bulldozers move in to create Cooper Park ‘amphitheatre’

Work gets under way at Cooper Park (pic: Moray Council)
Work gets under way at Cooper Park (pic: Moray Council)

WORK IS UNDER WAY on a project that will see thousands of tonnes of surplus soil from Elgin’s flood alleviation scheme being transferred to the town’s Cooper Park.

Councillors agreed the move last month that will see the soil being shaped into a large, raised platform in the park – creating an ‘amphitheatre’ structure.

The scheme, which was backed by Elgin Community Council, will result in around 10,000 tonnes of soil being transported to the site where it will produce the two-meter high platform with views across the park.

When the scheme was agreed by councillors they were warned by Council Leader Stewart Cree of his personal concerns over the plan. He told councillors: “My concern is potentially trying to explain to the people of Moray why we may have to spend money removing this in some months’ time.

“I’m not against this being implemented – but £18,000 could possibly be saved in the long run if we were to decide against building it.”

The plan was, however, backed by members of the policy and resources committee with local councillor Graham Leadbitter commenting: “We own the ground at Cooper Park so if there is an issue with the landform being there in the future then we can quite easily take it away.”

Work now under way will see the mound turfed rather than being seeded, so allowing the public almost immediate use of the new structure.

A spokesman for Moray Council said: “Elgin Community Council have backed the installation of the raised grass platform in the park – close to Grant Lodge – which they say would also help ponding problems in that area of the park.

“Work is expected to take six weeks to complete, meantime there are parking and access restrictions in place to allow safe passage of the trucks delivering the soil.”