Dr Gray’s welcomes ‘largely positive’ Inspectorate report

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‘Largely positive’ report welcomed

CONCERNS HAVE BEEN raised over clinical waste after a surprise visit by health inspectors to Dr Gray’s Hospital in Elgin.

Scottish Government Healthcare Environment Inspectorate (HEI) officers have raised a number of issues following their visit to the Moray hospital in April.

These include workers noted cleaning blood-contaminated surfaces incorrectly and equipment that should have been cleaned found to be contaminated with blood.

Inspectors also discovered that the mix of disinfectant used to decontaminate equipment was incorrect and changed once a week rather than every day.

However, the head of quality care at HEI, Jacqui Macrae, said that the inspection results were largely positive – but set out three areas for improvement.

She said: “We found evidence that NHS Grampian is complying with the majority of standards to protect patients, staff and visitors from the risk of acquiring an infection.

“In particular there was a good standard of environmental cleanliness in the hospital and we saw generally good compliance with standard infection control precautions.

“However, we did find that further improvement is required in staff knowledge of how to safely manage blood spillages, and clinical waste must be appropriately stored while awaiting uplift.

“NHS Grampian must address the requirements and the necessary improvements as a matter of priority.”

A hospital spokeswoman said that NHS Grampian was pleased of the “predominantly positive” nature of the report, adding: “An action plan has been developed to meet the points they raised and work is progressing on that.”