Moray prepares for action on United Nation goals

May East, Chief Executive of CIFAL Scotland
May East, Chief Executive of CIFAL Scotland

THE COMING MONTHS will see concentrated efforts in the negotiation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) final strategic vision of how the world will look in 2030, based on the input of thousands of actors from the international community.

The vision is intended to be simple enough to captivate the imagination but bold enough to propose an integrated sustainable future within planetary boundaries where no one is left behind.

The SDGs debate arrives this coming Tuesday in Moray aiming to:

  • Introduce the origins and purpose of the SDGs
  • Present possibilities on how to engage with the SDGs international agenda
  • Consider how to make strategic links between SDGs and the Scottish Government National Performance Framework
  • Create space for ideas to emerge on how to prepare Moray for an efficient and holistic national implementation
  • Enable a smooth integration between public, private and third sectors in the dialogue

Hosted by tsiMoray, The Moray Council and CIFAL Scotland the event will be highlighting the areas that Moray is making great strides.

Under the Energy Goal, the Energy team at the Council will present the campaign A Little Switch Makes a Big Difference and how energy consumption trends are going down. Under the Health Goal Elidh Brown from tsiMoray will address how third sector community capacity building projects are promoting well-being in Moray communities.

Michael Shaw from the Horizon-based company Biomatrix will share the ecologic engineered water projects in Scotland and internationally under the SDG 4.
This year will be decisive because the decisions reached in 2015 on both the sustainable development and climate change agendas will have an impact on generations to come. This is particularly relevant to all sectors and especially the third sector in Moray, to inform and shape our individual and collective plans.

Who should attend?

  • Community planners
  • Service delivers in all sectors
  • Community representatives
  • Academics and researchers, Universities, colleges,
  • Local authority
  • Voluntary organisations
  • Social Enterprises
  • Sustainable Development Officers

The debate to take place at Elgin Town Hall on June 9 from 10:00am until 1:00pm – to┬áregister┬ácontact

(May East, Chief Executive, CIFAL Scotland)