St Giles to continue in use as a place of worship

St Giles will continue to be used for worship
St Giles will continue to be used for worship

ELGIN CHURCH GOERS are insisting that the use of St Giles as a place of worship will not come to an end.

Moray Councillors were told last week that members of the congregation at the landmark Elgin church had said they would no longer use it as a place of worship, with the local authority asked to help fund a study into how the building might be used in future.

That prompted a retort from one councillor that the church should be “boarded up” to help prompt the community into decided what it should be used for in future.

However, at the weekend members of the St Giles and Columba’s church congregation voted to continue using the St Giles Church “as an occasional place of worship”.

A Church of Scotland spokesman said: “A meeting was held at St Columba’s South Church on Sunday to vote on a proposal to stop holding worship services in St Giles and hold all worship at St Columba’s.

“The congregation decided not to change an agreement that said both churches would be used for regular worship. In a 75-55 vote the congregation decided to leave the agreement as it is.

“St Giles will continue to host community worship services – including those on Remembrance Day and Christmas.”

However, the building is still expected to be sold by the Church of Scotland at some point in the future.