Baltic Scouts get a close-up tour of Moray-based Typhoon

Some of the 30 Estonian Scouts who were given a close-up view of a Typhoon (pic: Crown Copyright)
Some of the 30 Estonian Scouts who were given a close-up view of a Typhoon (pic: Crown Copyright)

A DETACHMENT OF RAF Lossiemouth based airmen currently serving in Estonia recently took time out from their Baltic protection duties to treat a group of Scouts to a tour of their Typhoon jets.

The visit from over 30 Scouts and their leaders was arranged by the UK Ambassador to Estonia, Chris Holtby, who is also a Patron to the Estonian Scout movement.

For the young Scouts it was an opportunity to see the RAF’s main strike fighter at close quarters, as well as several Estonian fire trucks which are currently co-manned by RAF fire fighters in partnership with their Estonian Air Force colleagues.

Mr Holtby said: “I was very grateful that the RAF was able to agree to a visit by a group of Scouts from all across Estonia.

“Estonian Scouts are well aware of both the origins of Scouting in the UK, as well as the close defence partnership between the UK and Estonia dating back nearly 100 years.

“This visit gave the Scouts a chance to meet and see at first hand the people and the equipment from the UK who are helping maintain peace and security in the Baltic region – the friendly welcome and impressive display of equipment will live long in the memories of all who had the privilege to join the visit.”

Helping make the visit possible at the Amari Air Force base was Wing Commander Stu Smiley: “We are here to give assurance to the Estonians that the UK is here in partnership with NATO and the Baltic States, and that includes the Scouting and youth community.

“Plus we could tell that the Scouts were very excited to see our Typhoon aircraft, so we all had a great time.”

Youth programme coordinator Liisa Mölder commented: “It was amazing! I already have had lots of good feedback from scouts and leaders about the visit. The Scouts were so excited to see the Typhoon and meet the UK airmen!”