Asda be in the bag for youth cafe as they net £2k funding boost

Elgin Youth Cafe - £2k boost
Elgin Youth Cafe – £2k boost

A YOUTH GROUP celebrated having £2000 in the bag this week when they met up with local MSP Richard Lochhead – the architect of a national scheme that made their latest funding boost possible.

The local man in Holyrood created the national carrier bag levy in his capacity as cabinet secretary for rural affairs, food and the environment – a 5p charge on bag use that is seeing thousands going to good causes while also reducing the wasteful use of bags throughout Scotland.

Elgin Youth Café has been one of the beneficiaries, £2000 generated from the scheme pledged to them by supermarket chain Asda aimed at helping their cover the costs of a project aimed at increasing jobs eligibility for members of the group.

The funding will go to the Elgin Youth Development Group (EYDG) who operate the café, and who among other activities targets young people for assistance who are currently not in full time education, employment or training.

Meeting a group of the young people at the café on Friday, Mr Lochhead said: “It was great to join Elgin Youth Café members as they received the funding boost. The Confidence in Life project is a fantastic scheme for young people to build on the employability, skills and self-confidence.”

Since the levy was first introduced in Scotland there has been a reported reduction of 80% in the use of carrier bags being handed out by stores.