Campaigners get help to clean up Moray beauty spot

Riverbank clean up
Riverbank clean up

TWO MORAY ENVIRONMENTAL campaigners have teamed up with a conservation society and volunteers from RAF Lossiemouth to clean up a local beauty spot.

Pete Miners has been undertaking a solo campaign against refuse being dumped in secluded spots around Moray, spoiling the natural environment for residents and visitors alike.

Mr Miners has highlighted many blights on the Moray landscape, demanding action from Moray Council, landowners and environmental agencies.

Now he is to be given some help after teaming up with Adrian Hutchins, the Forestry Commission, members of the Mosset Burn Conservation Society and a team of volunteers from RAF Lossiemouth with an all-terrain vehicle.

They are to undertake a “remote litter pick” in Lossie Forest at the junction of the Innes Canal and the River Lossie Estuary – a spot some 35minutes walk upstream from the Seatown Bridge.

Mr Miners said: “We will be collecting plastic drinks bottles, any glass bottles and cans, car tyres, footballs and other debris that I had noted back in August when I attended another litter pick with Adrian Hutchins.

“We will be combing upstream and downstream along the north east bank of the estuary – but not the Seatown caravan park side – and then driving waste in builder’s bags to a collection point for The Moray Council.”

The initiative takes place on Saturday with Pete adding: “At this stage we are not asking for assistance from the public although we may do so in future.”