Moray rock bands urged to bid for live appearance in Holyrood

Missed out on Wall of Rock? Try out for Holyrood Rocks!

YOUNG MORAY MUSICIANS are being encouraged to have a go at a national competition that could lead to their playing at the Scottish Parliament.

‘Holyrood Rocks’ will see young rock performers from throughout Scotland competing in a series of regional heats with the winners taking part in a final at Holyrood.

The competition has been organised to encourage young people to become more engaged in the political process – in particular 16 and 17-year-olds who have now been given the right to vote in the Scottish Parliamentary and local elections.

By showcasing young musical talent while also relaying the importance of democratic rights and the significance of the right to vote, Holyrood Rocks hopes to encourage voter engagement.

Throughout October the Scottish Parliament, in conjunction with the Scottish Political and Cultural Partnership, will conduct eight regional heats across Scotland. Members will be invited to select one band from their regional heat to go through to the final at Holyrood on Saturday 31 October.

Highlands and Islands MSP Rhoda Grant said: “Inverness is hosting one of the eight regional heats for the Holyrood Rocks and we need musical talent from across the Highlands and Islands and Moray to apply and take part.

“This is an exciting opportunity to get noticed both in the region and also a chance to compete at the final in the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh.

“I hope local bands and musicians will consider applying to take part. The Scottish Parliament wants to hear the voice of young people who will help shape the future of politics in Scotland and the future of our country.

“This is a good way of engaging more young people to take part in the political process and to help encourage 16 and 17 year olds who have been given the right to vote to do so in the Scottish Parliament and local government elections in the coming years.”