Old derelict railway yard gets a new sense of purpose

Diageo’s Stuart Morrison hands over £6000 cheque to Archie MacQueen

A LOCAL COMMUNITY effort to create a community garden from a previously derelict piece of land has been boosted by drinks firm Diageo.

Volunteers in Burghead have been spending many hours working on the old Railway Yard in the village, different groups and individuals taking on their own plots to create a scenic and sensory treat for residents and visitors alike.

Now their efforts to create something special for the community has been rewarded with a £6000 grant from Diageo, who operate a major maltings in the community.

Handing over a cheque this week to Archie MacQueen, one of the volunteers working painstakingly on the project, the senior operations manager at the Diageo Maltings, Stuart Morrison, said: “We were delighted to see what the community has been doing to the old railway yard and were very happy to be able to support their efforts.

“We wish them well with the project and hope that the community will enjoy the new gardens for many years to come.”

The cash will be used primarily to pay for a new pathway through the gardens suitable for wheelchair use.

A driving force behind the project is Hilary Gloyer, who said: “We were thrilled when Diageo came forward with this funding as it will make a fantastic difference to our efforts.

“We have already started laying the pathway from the entrance into the sensory area and this donation will allow us to improve that and of course pay for the required work.

“There is much to do yet and it will probably take several years to complete the project – but we have made a very good start thanks to the wonderful help we are receiving from the local community and, of course, local employers such as Diageo.”