Quality of life in Moray village leads to a zero crime rate

Hopeman - enjoys a zero crime rate
Hopeman – enjoys a zero crime rate

POLICE HAVE PRAISED a Moray village for its quality of living in a report being put to community representatives this week.

The Hopeman Community Association will be told on Thursday that their village and nearby Duffus has enjoyed a completely crime-free month from August 26 to the end of last week.

Local police representatives regularly attend community council and association meetings in Moray, providing an update on local criminal activity. It is exceptionally rare for these reports to show no criminal activity whatsoever – but that is exactly the case in Hopeman.

Policing of the village is conducted from the nearby Lossiemouth police office and in their report to the community association they say the zero crime rate is “pleasing to see and testament to the good quality of living enjoyed by local residents and visitors to the area”.

Hopeman has been held up as an example of what can be achieved by a community determined to work with each other to improve their environment for residents and visitors alike.

Chairman of the community association and an independent candidate in the poll to fill a local council vacancy for the Heldon & Laich ward, Dennis Slater, said: “We are delighted of course but very aware that criminal activities will always remain a risk to communities around Moray.

“But where communities work hard together it is possible to reduce criminal activities and maintain respect at all levels, and that is what we are seeing in Hopeman. I would hope that this report is something we will see much more of throughout the region.”

In the report community police officers warn that vigilance should remain: “Despite the low crime rates, we should remain vigilant and ensure that basic home security measures are put in place, such as keeping doors locked and valuables out of sight.

“With the nights closing in, the use of timer light switches is recommended when nobody is at home. Home security advice can be found on the Police Scotland website www.scotland.police.uk.”