Spirits rising for laughs at the Buccaneer Theatre

Blithe Spirit is rising at the Bucc
Blithe Spirit is rising at the Buccaneer Theatre Club for three nights from September 24

A CLASSIC PLAY penned to put a smile on faces of London residents being pummelled by German bombs in 1941 is to be performed in Lossiemouth.

The RAF Lossiemouth Buccaneer Theatre Club has been entertaining service and civilian families since the 1970’s – and for their latest production they give more than a nod towards a play penned just months after brave airmen and won the first major air battle over UK skies.

Noel Coward wrote his comedy ‘Blithe Spirit’ shortly after his own London office and apartment had been destroyed by German bombs.

Coward felt at that time the public might appreciate something to smile about – so while he was not involved in covert operations as a member of the British Secret Service he produced one of his most enduring works.

Now the members of the long-running Theatre Club are deep into rehearsals for their production of the comedy that features a novelist being haunted by the ghost of his first wife – drawn back into the living world after a séance conducted by a visiting medium.

Blithe Spirit will haunt the Lossiemouth theatre for three nights from September 24 to 26 with performances each evening at 7.30pm.

Tickets for the show as well as further information can be obtained from the Buccaneer Theatre box office on 07930 361721.