Moray youngsters wave the flag for world peace

Youngsters do their bit for world peace.
Youngsters do their bit for world peace.

PRE-SCHOOL CHILDREN have been making their mark for world peace by donning colourful national costumes representing a host of different countries.

On Monday the youngsters from Dyke pre-school marked the International Day of Peace by wearing the costumes while enjoying cakes and bakes representative of different cultures.

They also invited P1 to P3 pupils from Dyke Primary School to their event, which was declared as a “great success” by Trisha Goodall, the pre-school manager.

Trisha said: “We have been learning about peace and what it means to us as individuals and what it means for the rest of the world for the last few weeks.

“The children have really enjoyed the topic and loved learning about different countries and cultures. It was great to see so many parents and their friends come along to support us and having the children from the primary school made it a real community event.”

Event organiser was Gavin Morgan, a parent of one of the youngsters taking part and a volunteer with the World Peace Prayer Society, a non-government organisation of the United Nations.

Gavin said: “I think it is valuable that we get children of a young age to think about peace and what it means to them and explore and celebrate the diversity of cultures throughout our planet.

“The children gave some really interesting answers when we spoke with them about what peace is.

“Every year at a UN summit there is a world peace flag ceremony and we carried out a scaled down version of that. What impressed me the most was how proud the children were to raise the country flag and shout out the country names.”