Swords at the ready for international competition in Moray

International fencing coming to Elgin
International fencing coming to Elgin

SWORD PLAY WILL be to the fore in Moray later this month when one of the largest fencing competitions in the country takes place at Elgin Academy.

Around 130 of the top-ranking men and women in the sport will arrive for the Highland Open tournament organised by the Elgin Duellist Fencing Club.

It will be the third time the annual competition has been held in Moray and has again attracted competition from as far afield and Spain and Switzerland.

This year alongside the two-day event young people will be encouraged to try out the sport using plastic swords.  Coach at the fencing club, Robin Paterson, said that fencing was very intuitive for children – and they had great fun while practicing the sport.

Around 20 clubs from around the UK will compete in the men’s and women’s categories over three disciplines – the foil, sabre and epee. A favourite in the men’s epee event will be Scottish Commonwealth Games team member Tom Hoffmann from the Culloden and Dingwall fencing club.

Mr Paterson said: “We already have more fencers competing this year than we had last time around and that is a great sign for the competition. We think we will have more than 130 entries from European, Scottish and British teams.”

The competition takes place on Saturday, October 24 from 1pm and again the following day from noon. Fencers do not need to book in advance to take part – further information can be obtained from Mr Paterson on 01343 541302 after 7pm.