Council to invest £5m in new energy-saving street lighting

New LED lighting to roll out throughout Moray
New LED street lighting to roll out throughout Moray

MORAY STREET LIGHTING is to be replaced over the next five years in a £5million programme covering almost every town and village.

New energy efficient technology will be rolled out with LED lights installed that will provide a greatly increased lifespan and fully meet EU regulations.

Councillors agreed proposals this week to add the funding to the local authority capital plan that will cover the 17,300 street lights currently under their control. Of the current lighting in Moray around 7000 would fail EU regulations while a similar number are powered through older and less energy efficient means.

While the initial cost of replacement LED lights will be higher their whole-life costs will bring savings as they use less power and produce a lower carbon footprint – as well as a reduction in maintenance costs.

Lifespan for the new LED lights will be between 80,000 and 120,000 hours, or 20 to 30 years if lit an average eight hours each day.

The report put to councillors earlier this week said: “Annual recurring savings of £540,000 on energy and maintenance are estimated on completion of the replacement programme. These savings more than cover the cost of financing the project.”

Council convener Councillor Allan Wright welcomed the move: “This is a very good example of spending now to save in the longer term and also underlines the council’s commitment to reduce its carbon emissions still further.”