Footballer launched foul rant – and lands in jail


A FOOTBALLER WHO disagreed with the decision of a referee ended up with two red cards – and a spell in jail.

Connor McGregor appeared at Elgin Sheriff Court on Thursday answering charges that he had threatened to burn down the home of the match official who had shown him a red card.

The 23-year-old had been playing in an amateur game for Elgin United against the Army side Kinloss Sappers when the referee warned him of his behaviour during the game. His reaction was to deliver a tirade of foul and abusive language, the court was told – resulting in his being ordered from the field.

After leaving the pitch he refused to move from the touchline from where he continued his abusive rant, threatening the referee that he was “going to get him after the game”.

A second red card was shown but still McGregor continued abusing the match official, including the threat to burn his house down.

After hearing that McGregor, from Grant Street in Elgin, only left the area when police were called, the accused, who had been playing in a Forres and Nairn District Welfare League match, was jailed for 20 days.