Guest Editorial: When politics lays its grubby hands on an honest man

Councillor John Cowe pens his first ever guest editorial for insideMoray in the week when he has been left disillusioned by the games that party politicians play……

Dennis Slater:
Dennis Slater: Sour taste after party political attack

I AM NOT one who normally reacts to comment on Social Media – but given the events and comments over the last two days, I do feel compelled to do so.

Councillor Dennis Slater is a man of integrity, honesty and compassion – not only to his community but to his fellow man. This week he made a simple mistake while serving his community for which he profoundly apologised.

It was a genuine mistake and let us not forget, who among us is so perfect never to have done that?

Not only did he apologise to his community but also to fellow Councillors and the entire SNP group, who had all supported the motion on immediate funding for flood alleviation in three Moray communities, including his own in Hopeman. An SNP motion I also supported.

Little did Councillor Slater know that even before he left the Council Chamber he was being chastised on a Social Media site as a man who did not stand up for his community. Shame on you, you know who you are.

Dennis Slater can hold his head high. He admitted that he had made an error and has paid the price by becoming front page news. It is others who should hang their heads in disgrace for attempting to capitalise on a basic mistake.

As Dennis himself said on Thursday to members of the political party who sought to gain capital from the incident: “You kick a man when he is down, I extend the hand of friendship to help him up.”

Need I say more? Such is the calibre of Councillor Dennis Slater.