Moray group’s important role in saving endangered native fauna

Trees for Life
Trees for Life at the forefront of conservation effort

A MORAY GROUP is at the forefront of a national campaign aimed at preserving Scotland’s forestry and woodland.

The Findhorn group Trees for Life is one of 15 organisations in Scotland currently working with the ‘Millennium Seed Bank’ based at Kew Gardens that seeks to save trees and flora under the greatest danger.

Several new diseases and pests are known to be attacking native trees throughout the UK – and currently there is no comprehensive seed collection of the native tree populations on which research and conservation efforts can concentrated.

Executive Director for Trees for Life, Alan Watson Featherstone, said the group were delighted to be involved in the national effort and were looking forward to playing a key role in the project.

He added: “From our perspective we are looking to get a seek bank of all the plants and trees from the entire UK fauna – particularly focusing on those at the moment that might be scarce or in trouble such as the woolly willow, the downy willow and the aspen.”

The national scheme was launched two years ago and aims to make seed collections available to researchers looking at forestry pests, diseases and the effects of climate change.

The Millennium Seed Bank safeguards practically the entire UK flora in its vaults and works to restore native plants and trees to their natural habitat.