Village residents urged to have their say over demolition plan

Tenant Arms - plans to demolish the 19th Century building
Tenant Arms – plans to demolish the 19th Century building

MORAY VILLAGERS HAVE launched an attempt to block plans that would see a hotel and pub dating back to the 1800’s being demolished to make way for a modern shop.

Owner Tahir Pervaiz is behind a second bid to demolish the Tennant Arms in Lhanbryde, which closed its doors for the final time last year.

The first attempt to gain planning permission included a plan to retain the impressive building and create a shop on the lower floor below flats – but that was thrown out by Moray Council planners because the proposal did not include sufficient parking facilities.

Now the second bid would see the building demolished – and that has sparked a last-minute local petition against the owner who insists he has little choice having been “backed into a corner” by planners.

Project leader for architects Plans Plus, Colin Keir, said that Mr Pervaiz preferred to restore the building and presented a plan that would have included 15 parking spaces but that proved unacceptable.

He added: “The pluses of this development are that the majority of Lhanbryde residents would not have to cross the road to get to the shop on the northern side of the road. At the moment the problem there is caused by people using the shops, residents parking in the street and two badly located bus stops.

“The new development should actually lessen the congestion if used properly.”

Last night local Labour councillor, Sean Morton, said that he wanted to encourage anyone who is opposed to the demolishing proposals to have their say by making that known to the planning department.

He said: “I know that people in the village are very upset – and rightly so. These plans could harm the local family businesses and Post Office that already serve Lhanbryde.

“They could worsen the traffic situation and they would most definitely mean the loss of a building that is in keeping with the character of the village. These plans are not what Lhanbryde needs.”