Council defend primary school over treatment of disabled pupils

Greenwards pupils rehearsing their Christmas show
Greenwards P2/P3 pupils rehearsing a show two years ago – stage ‘unsuitable’ for wheelchairs

MORAY COUNCIL HAS moved to defend the “unparalleled record” of an Elgin primary school’s treatment of disabled pupils.

The move came after a mother complained that her disabled son and another pupil at Greenwards Primary School in Elgin were “completely segregated” from their classmates during a Christmas concert at the school.

The parent, Gillian Groves, told the Press and Journal newspaper that her son had been “parked at the front of the stage” adding: “It was as if he was being pointed out for having special needs, and to me that is discrimination.”

However, a spokesman for Moray Council strongly defended the school, saying that the design of the stage at Greenwards “makes it unsuitable for wheelchairs and that would not have been considered an option for reasons of health and safety”.

The spokesman added that the stage is elevated only a matter of 18inches to 2ft, adding that Ms Groves’ son was “no more than 3ft from his classmates”.

Defending the schools record, the spokesman said: “Greenwards has an unparalleled record in terms of inclusion, and over the years has had many pupils with a range of additional support needs who have been fully integrated into its daily life.

“The last inspection report made specific reference to the success of the school in that regard.”