Man who grew cannabis ‘as an experiment’ lands in court

'Experimental' Cannabis grower lands in court
‘Experimental’ Cannabis grower lands in court

A BUCKIE MAN admitted experimenting in home-grown cannabis when he appeared at Elgin Sheriff Court last week.

His plan came unstuck when a caretaker in the block of flats he lived in at Weaver Place in Elgin was checking to ensure they were clean – and noted a bright light coming from a cupboard belonging to Cosmo Glaisyer-Hall.

Sheriff Olga Pasportnikov was told by Fiscal Kevin Corrins that the caretaker opened the cupboard and found a plant that was around 3feet tall – and recognised the smell that the believed was cannabis.

“At his time the accused was in the property but was asleep in the living room,” Mr Corrins told the court.

When they later arrived at the address police removed the plant, which is believed to have the potential of producing drugs with a street value of around £295.

Glaisyer-Hall, 30, admitted to charges of producing a controlled drug and possession of cannabis resin.

In his defence solicitor Stephen Carty said that he could not think of anybody who has been just growing one cannabis plant, as it was normally the case that people grow several at once. Consequently, he said, had there been any output from the plant it would have been personally used by his client.

“This was something of an experiment, but one which was very ill-guided at best,” the solicitor said.

Glaiser-Hall, whose current address was given as being in West Street, Buckie, had no previous drug convictions. He was fined £400 with Sheriff Pasportnikov saying that she had taken all mitigating factors into account.