Morton ready to lock horns over parliamentary seat once again

Back on the campaign trail - Sean Morton makes his bid for Holyrood
Back on the campaign trail – Sean Morton makes his bid for Holyrood

MORAY LABOUR MEMBERS have formally endorsed Fochabers/Lhanbryde councillor Sean Morton to contest the local seat at the Holyrood elections in May.

Councillor Morton will once again lock horns with his Tory counterpart in the Fochabers/Lhanbryde ward, Douglas Ross, the pair having contested the Moray seat at the last Westminster election before ultimately losing out to the SNP’s Angus Robertson.

For the Holyrood seat the pair will seek to oust the SNP’s Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs at the Scottish Parliament, Richard Lochhead.

Councillor Morton’s endorsement came in a meeting of the Moray Labour Party last night when members unanimously approved his candidature. Local party chairman Craig Graham said: “Sean flew the flag for Labour in an unbelievably tough election last May.

“He recruited more activists, more members and contacted more voters for us than at any time in recent years. He is a formidable debater and a strong candidate, and we are proud to put forward someone with a track record of working hard for their community and getting the job done.

“Who proposed the motion at Moray Council that ended the school closures? Sean did. Who speaks up for jobs and investment? Labour does. We offer the people of Moray change – and a great candidate to fight for it.”

Councillor Morton said that he was “delighted to fight for Labour values” in Moray, adding: “This community has given me and my family everything and I’ve given my all to repay them.

“I will fight hard for this seat where others may take votes for granted. I will hold this government to account for its failings in health and education – but more than anything I will do my utmost to convince Moray voters that Labour has the ideas and the vision to take our country forward.

“We need change and we can have it in May but only if we vote for it.”