Operation seeks to clamp down on dangerous driving at schools

Community Council's called for greater police presence outside schools
Community Council’s called for greater police presence outside schools

A THREE DAY operation by Police in Moray and Aberdeenshire has been aimed at catching inconsiderate and antisocial drivers around schools.

Operation Cedar is an ongoing operation by the regional force aimed at reducing casualties on Moray and Aberdeenshire roads.

Now police are using the operation to monitor drivers around schools throughout their area of control, with Sergeant Graeme Penny saying: “Following concern from the public and community councils we set up this three-day period of action to tackle inconsiderate parking and antisocial driving in and around local schools.

“A team of officers conducted high-visibility patrols around schools between Wednesday and Friday.  The operation was run with support from the local head teachers and parent councils and we are grateful to them for this.

“We focused heavily on education and prevention and where drivers were parking illegally and inconsiderately suitable advice was given. Warnings were also given to those who drove antisocially.”

A spokesman for the Lossiemouth Community Council welcomed the move: “It is a subject that has been discussed several times with police attending our meetings.

“We are aware that we are not the only community council in Moray who have great concern about the motorists around local schools who appear to have no regard for the safety of children in their rush to get past busy schools as children arrive or depart.

“We have sought greater presence of police during busy periods and so welcome this initiative under Operation Cedar.”