Bank fraudsters seeking out Moray targets in phone scam

Your bank calling - or is it?
Your bank calling – or is it?

FRAUDSTERS ARE ONCE again targeting people in Moray with a telephone scam that police say can be avoided if intended victims show a greater degree of scepticism.

The number of incidents in the region have been such that local police were prompted on Friday to release a warning to residents over calls they might receive purporting to be from their bank’s fraud investigation team.

Intended victims are told that suspicious activity on their bank account is being investigated with the belief that bank staff are involved. The fraudsters invite their victims to transfer money into another account and then arrange to transport the victim by taxi to their bank.

Told not to say anything to bank staff during the transfer, the targets are drawn into a phony investigation that ultimately leads to their being left out of pocket.

Inspector Grant McCutcheon, of the Elgin Community Policing Team, said: “These fraudsters count on the fact that we are generally trusting people and take advantage of our good nature to perpetrate their crimes. Sadly, they have duped people out of their hard-earned money and once that money is gone, it’s gone.

“My advice to Moray folk is to be more sceptical when they receive unexpected phone calls from people they don’t know, asking for sensitive information or money.

“Banks are big organisations and are sophisticated enough to investigate wayward staff without having to recruit you or have you transfer money into accounts you know nothing about.

“In simple terms, if you are asked to provide personal or financial details over the phone – no matter how persuasive or demanding the caller is – don’t do it. If you receive such a phone call, please call us before taking any steps.”

Anyone with any concerns or information about fraudulent activity can contact Police Scotland on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if you wish to remain anonymous.