Time to register children for summer start at school

Registration for new school entrants next week

CHILDREN WHO START school for the first time this summer need to be registered next week, Moray Council are reminding parents and guardians.

All children should be registered to their local primary school irrespective of which school their parents or carers would ultimately wish them to attend.

Parents in Elgin are also reminded that there are new school catchment areas that became effective from January 5, and these will have an effect on children starting school in August. An exception to that is the new south-east Elgin zone, which will not come into effect until the school opens.

During the intervening period, children living in the catchment area (shown in yellow in the image below) should enrol at New Elgin Primary School.

Children living in the area hatched red, and indicated by an arrow, should enrol at East End Primary School.

school catchment