Appeal for the force to awaken Buckie to cinema venture

Can the force awaken the Buckie public to support cinema venture?
Can the force awaken the Buckie public to support cinema venture?

A USE IT or lose it appeal has been issued over a pioneering attempt to provide a cinema to residents in Buckie.

The idea born from a small group of S3 students at Buckie High School, who recruited the assistance of local MSP Stewart Stevenson, has been fairly well received in the few months it has been in operation.

Mr Stevenson responded to their request by organising Film Mobile Scotland to provide a monthly visit of their mobile cinema unit to the town, with the first showing in November well supported, while some funding is also being promised from the local community.

Dorothy Loveland, who teaches Modern Studies and History at Buckie High School, explained: “Each month there will be two showings, one at 3pm and another at 6pm, with the films shown in the Assembly Hall at Buckie High School.

“Tickets are available on the night at £6 and £5 for concessions and for future performances tickets can also be purchased from Blue Moo and the Cullen Ice Cream Shop.”

The next performance is being held this weekend with Sunday seeing a showing of ‘The Good Dinosaur’ at 3pm and the blockbuster ‘Star Wars – The Force Awakens’ at 6pm.

Dorothy added: “Third year students at Buckie High School have made politics come alive – they have been able to make a significant change to their area by taking the time to write their local MSP resulting in something new being brought to Buckie for all to benefit.

“Now we are hoping the cinema is well attended and that would allow the showings to become a regular feature in the town.”