Typhoon attack video shows devastating missile accuracy

Lossiemouth based Typhoons are in action against Daesh in Syria and Iraq
Lossiemouth based Typhoons are in action against Daesh in Syria and Iraq

A VIDEO SHOWING the results of an air strike by RAF Lossiemouth based jets on a Daesh target in Iraq has been released by the Ministry of Defence.

The pinpoint accuracy of the Paveway IV guided missile system being used by Typhoons from the Moray base is clear as they homed in on an armoured tanker packed with explosives and left blocking a road at Kirkuk.

The video was recorded during the action last week, one of several being undertaking by airmen from the Moray base since their deployment on operations against Daesh in Syria and Iraq in December. Kirkuk is one of Daesh’s main targets in Iraq.

A MoD spokesman explained that the RAF had been taking part in several operations in support of Iraqi ground troops who are currently attempting to push back Daesh forces in their country. He said: “Typhoons have provided close air support to Iraqi troops who are engaged in close combat with Daesh extremists north of Habbaniyah.

“On Tuesday 9 February, a pair of Typhoon FGR4s, supported by an RAF Voyager air refuelling tanker, destroyed an armoured vehicle, converted into a large truck-bomb, blocking a road with a Paveway IV guided bomb south-west of Kirkuk.

“As Iraqi ground forces clear the remaining pockets of Daesh within Ramadi city they are also turning their efforts to Daesh strongpoints to the north and east of the city, supported by coalition aircraft.

“On Thursday, a pair of Typhoons, working in close cooperation with a coalition surveillance aircraft, successfully conducted two Paveway attacks on groups of terrorist fighters. Later that day, a second Typhoon mission over the area used Paveways to destroy a heavy machine-gun position and an accommodation block used by Daesh.”

There are six Typhoon’s currently deployed to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus supported by over 100 ground crew in operations against Daesh over Syria and Iraq.