‘Disgusted’ family take their own action on Lossie East Beach

Bin is available at the East Beach - this one. Zoe's haul was put in at after the pic was taken.
Bin is available at the East Beach – this one. Zoe’s haul was put in at after the pic was taken.

WHILE MOST PEOPLE spent their Easter relaxing with family and friends catching up on the little sunshine that appeared in Moray, one was so angered by dog mess on a local beach they took action.

Zoe Taylor headed down for walk on Lossiemouth’s East Beach on Sunday to celebrate her daughter’s birthday – but so disgusted were they to note the number of plastic dog-poo bags and other rubbish carelessly discarded, they decided to do a mini-beach clean of their own.

“It was not what I planned to do on my daughter’s birthday,” Zoe said, adding: “I just felt thoroughly ashamed that one again dog owners were not being responsible.

“Bagging their poos and just leaving them on the beach – we picked up 15 bags of rotting dog excrement. I just did not want other people’s walk on the beach to be spoiled. Seriously, they have to stop leaving it perhaps with the good intention of picking it up on the way back – but invariably people forget.”

Zoe was helped in the clear up by daughters Kiera-May and Devon in taking their own action in an attempt to keep one of Moray’s most popular and alluring beaches clear of dirt. Last week insideMoray reported the growing issue throughout Moray – along with the fact that as from Friday the penalty for discarding dog poo or not picking it up at all is to double from Friday to £80.

Local councillor John Cowe is becoming increasing concerned over the issue and has already said he will press hard for more action to be taken at Moray Council to battle against those who continue to act in such an anti-social manner.

Meanwhile for Zoe and her family, who are from Cummingston, the message is a simple one – responding to claims that there are not enough bins, she said: “If everyone took a carrier bag with them and picked up a bag full (I know we should not have to) the beaches would be cleaner and safer for everyone.”

A dog owner herself, she added: “We are lucky not to have dogs banned from our beaches and parks in Moray and it would be a shame if we were because idiots who should know better are just too lazy to carry a dog poo bag to a bin.

“This was all picked up in the space of half an hour – it makes my blood boil.”