Elgin emergency as new born is rushed by air to Glasgow

Mother and baby were transported by air to Glasgow (pic: Gordon Beattie)
Mother and baby were transported by air to Glasgow (pic: Gordon Beattie)

AN EMERGENCY AIRLIFT was conducted by the Coastguard Rescue Helicopter on Saturday after a new born baby suffered from heart problems.

The alarm was raised after mum Sophie McWhirter had undergone a c-section at the maternity unit at the Moray hospital.

Her son, however, was born with an enlarged heart that required specialised surgery as quickly as possible – and that meant an immediate move to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow.  An emergency landing zone was created at Cooper Park where a rescue helicopter from Prestwick picked up the patients.

The couple asked the Buckie Baptist Church to inform friends of the emergency, with friends posting their prayers after a spokesman for the church saying: “Please also keep the wider family in your prayers.”

A spokesman for HM Coastguard in Aberdeen said: “The Scottish Ambulance Service asked the UK Coastguard to assist in the preparation of a landing zone at Cooper Park for the UK Search and Rescue helicopter, based at Prestwick, who were transporting a medical team from Glasgow.  Burghead Coastguard Rescue Team prepared the landing zone.”

Following the dramatic airlift Sophie’s husband Richard posted an update from the Glasgow hospital reporting that his son and wife were “very tough and brave”. He said: “Please be thinking of and praying for our wee man.

“Airlifted to Glasgow this evening after taking not well last night due to suspected heart/diaphragm/lung fluid problems. I’ve just arrived to hospital this minute and baby is looking much better already and he is a very hungry wee boy!

“Poor Sophie travelled in helicopter while recovering from a c-section – both mum and baby are very tough and brave! Thanks for all the prayers, well wishes, comments and calls.”

Landing at Cooper Park caused quite a stir
Helicopter Landing at Cooper Park caused quite a stir (Pic: Gordon Beattie)