Election 16: Morton sets his sights on ‘real change’

Labour's campaign gets an official send-off
Labour’s campaign gets an official send-off

MORAY POLITICIANS HAVE begun lining up their sights in earnest for the Scottish Parliament elections in May with the official launch of the campaign on Thursday.

Local Fochabers/Lhanbryde councillor Sean Morton got off to a flying ‘official’ start – although the canvassers for all major parties have already been visible on streets around the region in the last few weeks.

Councillor Morton opened the real debate with a call for real change in Scotland, saying that for tool long people in Moray have seen the SNP “waste time” by concentrating their efforts on independence.

He said: “For nine long years the people of Moray have watched as the SNP wasted their time on an obsession with independence instead of getting down to the task of delivering results for Scotland.

“What’s worse, the people of Moray, having put their faith in the SNP for most of my life, have been completely take for granted by the SNP.

“Moray does not need another five years of a First Minister who is better at taking selfies than taking responsibility. It’s time for a government that will step up to defend Scotland from Tory austerity.

“We do not need promises of SNP change sometime after independence. With all the new powers we have in Scotland, we need a party ready to deliver real change now.”

Chairman of Moray Labour, Craig Graham, added: “If Moray wants a government that will scrap the council tax, build more council houses, help first-time buyers, end cuts to schools and local transport – then Labour is the party for Moray.

“If Moray wants an MSP who will be Moray’s man in parliament, not the party’s man in Moray – then Sean’s the best candidate for Moray.”

There are three candidates who have indicated their intention to contest the Moray seat at the Scottish Parliament Election – Richard Lochhead (SNP), Douglas Ross (Conservative), and Sean Morton (Labour).  While there will be no constituency candidate for the Greens, they will appear on the ballot for the Regional List vote. The deadline for nominations is Friday, April 1.  insideMoray will follow the fortunes of all candidates and will invite each of them to submit their views throughout the campaign.