Parents express concern over non-intervention in playground fighting

Millbank - concern over refusal to intervene in playground fighting
Millbank – concern over refusal to intervene in playground fighting

PARENTS AT A Moray primary school were left angered and confused after witnessing a fight between three pupils in the playground – and staff refused to intervene.

Several parents witnessed an altercation at Millbank Primary School in Buckie between pupils and called on supervising teachers to step in – only to be told that they could not do so because of school policy that no staff can intervene.

Parents took to social media to discuss the issue – with one pointing out that the policy, if genuine, probably went against the ‘duty of care’ teachers have under The Children (Scotland) Act 1995.

Lisa Mcintosh said she was “absolutely raging” after witnessing the incident on Tuesday. She said: “How can two members of staff stand in the playground and watch two boys beating up another pupil and do nothing about it?”

She added that she went to speak to the school head teacher about the incident, only to be told that it was a new school policy that no member of staff can intervene in such an incident.

However, today a Moray Council spokesman moved to assure parents that there was no such new ruling in local schools.

The spokesman said: “There is no new policy with regard to playground supervisor duties, nothing that states whether staff should touch a child or intervene in such situations.

“None of the parents complaining via social media, local councillors and press, sought clarification from the school before making spurious claims about council policy and the staff at Millbank, which is regrettable.

“Had they done so a full explanation would have been provided.

“There will be a parent information meeting on April 28 where there will be a number of inputs regarding wellbeing, Getting it Right for Every Child as well as school procedures.”