Warning for dog owners follows seizures after beach walk

Ellie and Jake suffered seizures after eating burnt rubbish on a Moray beach

A MORAY DOG owner has posted horrific videos of her pets suffering seizure’s after coming into contact with toxic waste left on a local beach.

Jeanette Thomson took to social media to warn fellow owners of the danger, posting videos of her Red Setter and Labrador, Ellie and Jake, who suffered fits as a result of eating burned rubbish on Roseisle Beach.

Her dogs ran into the burned heap – and after swallowing some of the materials suffered horrific spasms.

In her online post on Sunday, Jeanette said: “Up until tea time today they were, along with our other dog, full of life and perfectly fit, healthy animals.

“Some idiots dumped rubbish on Roseisle then set it on fire – we went for a walk there and did not see the rubbish, before we knew it dogs, who will be dogs, were in about it.”

insideMoray has chosen not to link to or publish the horrific videos of the agonies suffered by the dogs, shot at a local vet after they had initial treatment. Jeanette is now awaiting the vet’s investigations in the hope of learning exactly what the dumped material was.

She added: “I hope whoever dumped their rubbish is happy with themselves, you drove past bins to dump it – well done. We have no idea what they have eaten that caused the reaction – the vet is treating them for poisoning.”

The materials had been dumped on land owned by the Forestry Commission Scotland, who last night confirmed that police had been informed and steps taken to clear the waste.

A spokesman for Forest Enterprise Scotland said that dumping of household waste material was and “irresponsible and dangerous act”, adding: “Our forest ranger team have now inspected the site and started clearing up the mess.  There must be around seven bags of burned rubbish to clear away, we are treating this as antisocial behaviour and have reported it to the police.”