Moray council home rents ‘good value for money’

Full survey results to be presented in June.
Full survey results to be presented in June.

COUNCIL TENANTS IN Moray consider the level of rent they pay does represent good value for money.

That is the result from a recent survey of tenants in the region – and one that will likely give hard-pressed councillors some reason to smile after the difficult times they have faced in recent months.

Rents charged in Moray are amongst the lowest of an Scottish Council and now with an 84% satisfaction rating from tenants who believe it is good value, the local authority appears to be heading the correct direction.

That represents a 6% increase on the last survey carried out in 2012 – and there is an even higher satisfaction rating on the quality of council homes in Moray, at 86%, 6.4% higher than the 2012 survey.

Not so good for the local authority is the rating tenants gave to the service they are receiving from the Council, with 80% saying they were – down from 88.6%.

The survey was carried out in September last year with all 5890 council homes being sent a survey form. In February the local authority revealed the results to the Communities Committee, noting that “improvement action” was required on some aspects of the survey.

Revealing this week that the full results of the survey findings, which are still being analysed, would be presented to the committee in June along with an action plan to address any shortcomings, a spokesman said that 1738 responded to the survey.

He added: “A larger sample also means that sophisticated techniques can be applied to identify and prioritise aspects of the service that are most likely to have the strongest impact on overall satisfaction.”