Drivers urged to take extra care through road surface work

Summer roads maintenance under way
Summer roads maintenance under way

ANNUAL MAINTENANCE ON several Moray roads has prompted a warning from Moray Council that motorists take additional care in coming weeks.

Surface dressing on several roads will see speed limits reduced to 20mph – with drivers asked to observe these both for their own safety, and to avoid damage to their vehicles and the safety of other road users.

Work on Moray road surfaces is traditionally carried out in the summer when road surfaces are warmer and generally drier. However, the work results in loose chippings which can damage vehicle bodywork and crack windscreens when thrown up by vehicles travelling over them at speed.

Driving on such surfaces too fast can also result in vehicles losing their grip on the road.

A Moray Council spokesman said: “Redressing prevents roads from deteriorating from wear through traffic and weather and also improves surface texture.

“The surface redressing programme takes a great deal of planning and co-ordination – and we are extremely grateful to the motoring public for their co-operation and patience while we carry out these operations.”